What is My Surrogacy Journey Foundation?

  • We believe that family building is an issue of reproductive justice and we envision a world in which everybody has equal rights to accessing quality and caring experiences.  

    When brands and businesses are born out of a social cause there are inevitable issues, agendas and concerns that arise and need to be addressed to ensure that services, products and systems are supporting the needs of the communities they are designed to serve. 

    In order to continue to grow our eco-system of family building services and brands we need to make sure that we are inviting the whole of society along with us.  

    Fertility is advancing at pace clinically and economically- the foundation acts as a tool to ensure that this rapid change is inclusive, fair and equitable so that nobody is left out or excluded. 

    My Surrogacy Journey Foundation is a charitable organisation working to enhance society, law, policies and practices that impact on our communities. We operate under four central pillars and co-produce partnerships and programmes that make the world a better place for our members and the communities we serve.  

    You see – we’ve thought of everything.

Our Pillars

Get involved

Our foundation operates as a not for profit and our work in these areas is grounded in making sure the world is a better place for people on family building journeys. We love to hear from people who are keen to volunteer with us, donate to our work, get involved as partners or ambassadors and to explore your ideas on how to ensure we achieve our vision.
We welcome you to consider how you might support the foundation by visiting our Donate page to hear more about our current campaigns and programmes

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