Surrogacy and Modern Family Collective Position Statements

  • Exploitation and Trafficking in Global Surrogacy

    The Surrogacy and Modern Family Collective and our associated brands do not condone exploitation or trafficking in any circumstance and are passionate about our role in eradicating exploitation and trafficking when it occurs in relation to surrogacy, assisted reproduction and modern family building.

    Wherever we witness or hear of exploitation and trafficking incidents related to the acts of surrogacy, assisted reproduction and modern family building we act to ensure that we protect the people affected by such incidents through our work and the standards we uphold in the reproductive health industry.

    Through our work we aim to both change the landscape for surrogacy and modern family building and also set the standard for surrogacy in countries for whom a low standard has

    been established through bad practice. Eradicating exploitation in surrogacy is built into our theory of change and is a fundamental goal of our work. We do not believe that this is the same as ending surrogacy altogether.





    Surrogacy in Mexico

    The Surrogacy and Modern Family Collective launched My Surrogacy Journey Mexico City in 2023. There has been a significant rise in surrogacy agencies and practices in Mexico over the last five years and unfortunately this has led to the increase in surrogacy not being properly regulated.

    Many speculations have been shared that surrogacy in Mexico is unethical. We do not agree with the notion that surrogacy in Mexico is unethical. That statement does not take into account the underlying importance that the supreme courts in Mexico have recognised the right to and access of family building as a fundamental human right.

    Our intention within Mexico City is to ensure that within a growing practice, that human rights, clinical excellence and person centered care are the standards to which all surrogacy agencies operate. We are here to offer an exemplary example of how that can be done and to ‘set the standard’ for surrogacy in Mexico.





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