Our Story

  • Included are several UK firsts for a UK Surrogacy organisation such as eight hours of emotional support including professional BICA counselling throughout the entire journey, Our Partnerships are equally as important, and again have been built up based on mutual respect and similar objective to help support those on a journey to parenthood. Our pre-conception genetic testing to New-born screening, offered from Igenomix. An extensive educational and document library covering all aspects of the journey, which goes beyond the birth, will ensure that all parties are medically, emotionally and legally informed.

    All Intended Parents also receive home Sperm Testing kits via ExSeed, the leading testing and fertility improvement kit designed to further support and help encourage men to speak up and get fit for fertility. My Surrogacy Journey has also partnered with Fenomatch, Facial Recognition software which compares over 12,000 biometric measurements to find the donor with the greatest facial resemblance to the Intended Parents, taking known egg donor matching to new levels, never seen before in the UK.

    Intended Parents also receive membership to The Donor Conception Network and will also be enrolled in tailored antenatal classes by leading birthing experts. Our own specialist e-Midwife will also help guide and support those on their journey too. The Doula Association will be working with IP’s with virtual postnatal support, answering all the important questions – right when you need it.

    To ease the pressure on fertility clinics, we have partnered with EngagedMD, a consent platform ensuring complex HFEA consents are captured as part of the membership process with My Surrogacy Journey – allowing clinics to concentrate more on patient care, thus being more efficient.

    We have even partnered with The Mindful Birthing Group to offer Surrogates and Intended Parents a birthing support package which includes on online support programme as well as a virtual birthing session.

    You see – we’ve thought of everything.

Our Values

Our Mission

It’s all about our Members.

Our commitment is to ensure we define a parental pathway through Surrogacy that is trusted, professional and is supported every step of the way. The unrivalled levels of counselling and practical support from a network of surrogacy professionals and experts, medics and clinicians, combined with some of the latest technology platforms in the Fertility industry, is a first in the world of surrogacy.

We’ve considered everything. This is your journey.

Change is happening