What is Membership with My Surrogacy Journey ?

Our Membership has been designed to be as individual as your Surrogacy journey. Which is why if your journey has already begun and you’re experiencing serious FOMO, that’s OK, we don’t blame you! We can also create hybrid Memberships that are designed around a journey that’s already departed, that lacks our support and benefits. Speak to us today.

Intended Parents

The only UK not for profit Surrogacy organisation with completely tailored Intended Parent membership, based on your relationship status, sexual orientation, and whether you complete your journey in the UK or abroad. With over 50 benefits created specifically around you and your emotional and practical needs. We’re with you throughout the entire journey and beyond into parenthood. Check the Membership infographic for more information. With additional Bolt on memberships available for ‘Surrogate Matching & Support’ and ‘Known Egg Donor Matching & Support’. It’s all about our Members.

Membership e-Brochure -

Intended Parents Concierge
Member benefits

  • Getting started

    • My Surrogacy Journey (MSJ) welcome pack with Surrogacy and Intended Parent (IP) information to get you started on your journey
    • IP Profile building assistance programme
    • MSJ dedicated APP
    • Introduction to your MSJ Co-ordinator
  • Trying to conceive, Clinics & Science

    • Carrier testing – CGT PLUS – analyses 450 genes related to 550 diseases (for one Intended Parent)
    • ExSeed home sperm testing kit
    • Fertility Clinic treatment comparison
    • Guidance on quarantine and sperm/embryo cryopreservation
    • Guidance on donor matching and the egg donation process
    • Access to EngagedMD consents and information platform
    • Future embryo management support
    • 2 virtual consultations (1 hour each) with a specialist fertility dietitian
    • E-Fertility nurse support throughout
  • Emotional Support

    • 1 hour confidential clinical consultation
    • Virtual sessions with your MSJ Co-ordinator
    • 4 hours of virtual sessions with a BICA accredited specialist counsellor
    • 3 hours of virtual sessions with your Fertility Mentor
    • Genetic counselling
  • Pregnancy

    • NACE24 – non-invasive prenatal test for surrogate once pregnant, detects chromosomal aneuploidies in all 24 chromosomes as well as the sex of the baby
    • Postnatal educational sessions
    • Baby first aid class
    • Baby First Aid provided by Mini First Aid
    • E-midwife support throughout by a qualified Midwife
    • Tailored birth and baby care preparation with The Mindful Birth Group®
    • Personalised to your individual needs over a number of Zoom sessions.
  • The Legals

    • 2 consultations (1 hour each) with a specialist surrogacy lawyer
    • Will writing service discounted to £700 with a £200 voucher included
    • Parental Order support, including the CAFCASS process
    • Fertility/Parental rights in the workplace helpline
    • 30 minutes of legal consultation for birth preparation
  • Birth & Post Birth

    • Preparing for your baby programme – 5 hours of virtual Doula sessions
    • Essential equipment list for your new arrival
    • Post birth NHS Support service
    • Birth registration service
    • IP and newborn baby gift
  • Practical Support

    • Access to MSJ Document Template Library
    • UK based Co-ordinator
    • Over 150 pieces of educational content designed to guide and educate you at every stage of your journey
    • Dedicated IP helpline
    • Access to a carefully created Directory of products and professional services that you will need throughout your journey, we’ve done the research for you
    • Access to MSJ closed FB groups
    • Access to monthly MSJ webinars
    • Support your surrogate package
    • Access to Family Building Finance Product
    • MSJ Passport
    • Quarterly MSJ social events
    • Tickets to The Modern Family Show
    • 2 years membership to Donor Conception Network
  • Future Families

    • Parenting discount directory
    • New arrival gift list
    • New family casual photo shoot