Surrogate Membership Introduction

Why be a Surrogate in the UK?

  • Taking that first step to become a UK surrogate requires you to be as informed and as prepared as you can be. What you are doing, or about to do is one of the most wonderful experiences, and we’re thrilled that you’re considering doing it with us. It’s therefore our job and duty to keep you safe and to ensure you are protected throughout your UK surrogacy journey.

    We want to help you build a special and secure relationship with your intended parent(s) – one that that will hopefully last a lifetime.

    Our key benefits

    • DBS Check and Identity Checks paid for in advance
    • Your own Surrogate Coordinator supporting you
    • Ten Hours emotional support including BICA counselling
    • Health screening at home – no need to visit the GP for Blood reports
    • Intention Agreement & Expenses support
    • Two legal consultations
    • Clinical consultation
    • 2 years life Insurance
    • Access to a Surrogate community for peer support
    • Access to a Fertility Nurse, Midwife, Dietition
    • Post Birth Recovery programe provided by The Doula Association
    • Hypnobirthing and Mindfulness support provided by The Mindful Birth Group®
    • Surrogate specific Yoga and Meditation classes
    • Love Honey Gift Card
    • Lactation specialist support
    • Plus many more…

What makes My Surrogacy Journey so different?

  • No other Surrogacy organisation offers the scale of benefits or the level of professional support that My Surrogacy Journey has created in our membership. We have designed our membership based on months of research from UK Surrogates, understanding what they’d like to see, or what tends to get missed. Everyone in our organisation has also been impacted by Surrogacy too, whether they are parents via surrogacy, surrogates themselves or egg donors. We all have lived experience.

    We’re proud to be offering surrogate benefits packed with both emotional, clinical, practical and professional services – for not only you but also your family too. We’ve included essentials such as your independent legal support, your Will, 2 years life insurance, private health screening (full STI blood tests) all carried out from the comfort of your own home. There’s also support from our Surrogate coordinators, a Fertility Nurse, a Midwife, a Fertility Mentor, and a Doula. You even get a Merlin Family Pass for a family of four, to allow your loved ones to still enjoy themselves, whilst you’re busy helping create another wonderful family. There’s also a welcome gift from us, for registering with My Surrogacy Journey – thanks to our friends at Childs Farm Family by Childs Farm.

    Our personal Matching service also means the team around you have your every need considered, keeping you safe and cared for, through each of the milestones of our unique eight step support programme. We don’t own or control the matching process, you and the intended parent(s) do. Any Intended Parent viewing your profile will need your prior consent, ensuring you remain in control of your own surrogate journey. All our Intended Parents are also DBS checked too.

    We’ve thought of everything.

Surrogate Matching & Support

  • Getting Started

    • My Surrogacy Journey (MSJ) welcome pack with tailored Surrogate information to get you started on your journey, whether you’re new or an experienced Surrogate
    • Surrogate profile building assistance programme
    • Surrogacy in the UK Surrogate information pack
    • Surrogates expenses explained programme
    • MSJ and the expectations of a surrogate explained
    • Relationship management – how to maintain a balanced relationship between all parties
    • Understanding the journey options
    • Dedicated MSJ Surrogate APP – coming soon
    • Surrogate health screen
    • Surrogate and Partner Identity & Basic DBS check through Experian
    • IP & Surrogate matching service
  • The Legals

    • 1 hour legal consultation with a surrogacy legal expert (M)
    • Will writing service (M)
    • Parental order support service including CAFCASS process (M)
    • Fertility/pregnancy rights in the workplace helpline (M)
    • Intention agreement support (M)
  • Emotional Support

    • 1 hour virtual confidential clinical consultation
    • Virtual sessions with your MSJ Co-ordinator
    • 5 hours of virtual session with a BICA accredited specialist counsellor (M)
    • 2 hour virtual session with your Fertility Mentor (M)
  • Trying to Conceive, Clinics & Science

    • NACE24 – non-invasive prenatal test for Surrogate once pregnant, detects chromosomal aneuploidies in all 24 chromosomes as well as the sex of the baby (P)
    • Love Honey gift card (M)
    • Injection support and treatment support from a fertility nurse
    • E-Fertility nurse support throughout
    • 2 virtual consultations (1 hour each) with a specialist fertility dietitian
  • Practical Support

    • Dedicated Surrogate helpline
    • Dedicated Surrogate Co-ordinator
    • Access to MSJ closed Surrogate support groups
    • Access to experienced Surrogates for support and information
    • Access to dedicated Surrogate document library
    • Access to surrogate specific educational library
    • MSJ information event – Surrogates
    • Access to regular webinars
    • 2 years life insurance (P)
    • Access to EngagedMD consents and information platform (M)
    • Membership to Merlin pass for a family of 4 (1 year) or weekend break (P)
    • £300 Clothing Voucher of your choice
  • Pregnancy

    • NHS birthing preparation, access to all NHS trust surrogacy policies (P)
    • Surrogate specific yoga and meditation classes (P)
    • 2 hour virtual hypnobirthing session with The Mindful Birth Group (P)
    • E-Midwife support throughout (P)
    • Information on nutrition and healthy lifestyle during pregnancy (P)
  • Birth & Post Birth

    • Access to a lactation specialist for support and advice with pumping and collecting colostrum (P)
    • Preparing for the birth and post birth programme – 5 hours of virtual Doula sessions (M)
    • Ongoing advice and support for registration of birth
    • Online weight management support programme (M)
    • Postnatal support programme (M)Surrogate specific yoga and meditation classes (P)
    • Surrogate specific yoga and meditation classes (P)

Become a Surrogate

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