Surrogacy in US/Canada

  • The legal framework of surrogacy in many States of the US means a more structured process than you might expect in the UK, shorter timeframes to be matched with a surrogate and legally enforceable surrogacy agreements. Combined with the robust legal certainty surrounding parentage at birth, the US is a good option for some people. However, surrogacy in the US is prohibitively expensive for many people and means that you cannot be as involved in a pregnancy as you would at home.

Costs of Surrogacy & Financing in US - Canada

  • Surrogacy is costly both in the UK and internationally. At My Surrogacy Journey, we believe that it is vitally important to be aware of all the potential costs, to have contingencies in place and to budget appropriately. We will work with you so that you understand all the costs and develop a budget that meets your means.

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