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  • One of the reasons My Surrogacy Journey was created was to save other intended parents the hours, days and months of research that understanding and embarking on responsible surrogacy can entail. As experienced intended parents, we know all too well how overwhelming and lonely that initial foray into Google can be. We have done the hard work for you. At My Surrogacy Journey, we have created the most extensive Education Library available so that you can educate yourselves on every step of the journey and we have partnered with only the most experienced service providers so that you can be sure you are surrounded by experts.

Law Commission Review

  • 2023 is an important year for UK surrogacy. On the 29 th March 2023 The Law Commission and the Scottish Law Commission released their final bill following the period of consultation. You can read a summary of our thoughts on it in this blog here.

    My Surrogacy Journey, as well as other UK surrogacy organisations and academics have been campaigning and raising awareness for law reform since 2017 (as TwoDadsUK and My Surrogacy Journey). We are confident since reading the final bill that the future of UK surrogacy will be secured as an altruistic model, and with the introduction of Regulated Surrogacy Organisations (RSO) regulated by the UK fertility regulator, The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority there will be a number of enhanced preconception checks and a brand-new route to legal parenthood, providing an RSO has been involved in the journey. However, there are some elements of the bill that were disappointing. Such as better handling of international surrogacy, especially if the USA was the destination of parentage and the omission of double donation. A copy of the summery version of the final draft bill can be found here.

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