Surrogacy in the UK

  • One of the initial misconceptions with UK Surrogacy is that people often think it’s highly complex, illegal, or anti-family. This isn’t the case at all, Altruistic Surrogacy is perfectly legal in the UK, furthermore the law is currently in the process of a consultation review by the Law Commission of England and Wales and the Scottish Law Commission. There is a need to update the current law and this is already underway, and we have assisted the Law Commission in the 2019 consultations throughout the UK.

    The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) have also been keen for a Surrogacy Law reform which has already been debated in Parliament in January 2020, a full transcript can be read here. The APPG also met with a vast group of Surrogacy advocates in 2018/2019 including Michael and Wes Johnson-Ellis, Founders of TwoDadsUKThe Modern Family Show and My Surrogacy Journey. In January 2021 the APPG released an update to the original evidence sessions. This can be read via a blog article here.

Costs of Surrogacy & Financing in UK

  • Surrogacy is costly both in the UK and internationally. At My Surrogacy Journey, we believe that it is vitally important to be aware of all the potential costs, to have contingencies in place and to budget appropriately. We will work with you so that you understand all the costs and develop a budget that meets your means.

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