What is Membership?

Our Membership has been designed to be as individual as your Surrogacy journey. Which is why if your journey has already begun and you’re experiencing serious FOMO, that’s OK, we don’t blame you! We can also create hybrid Memberships that are designed around a journey that’s already departed, that lacks our support and benefits. Speak to us today

Intended Parents

The only UK not for profit Surrogacy organisation with completely tailored Intended Parent membership, based on your relationship status, sexual orientation, and whether you complete your journey in the UK or abroad. With over 50 benefits created specifically around you and your emotional and practical needs. We’re with you throughout the entire journey and beyond into parenthood. Check the Membership infographic for more information. With additional Bolt on memberships available for ‘Surrogate Matching & Support’ and ‘Known Egg Donor Matching & Support’. It’s all about our Members.

UK surrogacy
International surrogacy
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Surrogates are Members too. Have you been considering becoming a Surrogate? Unsure where to even begin or how much support you need? We wanted to ensure our membership is balanced and tailored around your journey too, which is why it’s packed full of legitimate, essential membership benefits. Over 50 of them, to be precise. We’ve thought of everything to support you, your partner if you have one, and of course – your family. Check the Membership infographic for more information and become a surrogate with My Surrogacy Journey.

Known Egg Donors

Our unique Known Egg Donor professional matching service has also been designed around those Intended Parents and Donors who want exceptional service and support throughout their Surrogacy journey. With Carrier screening (CGT+) 450 genes related 550 diseases included, as well over 5 hours of emotional supporting including BICA accredited specialist counselling. Check the Membership Benefits for more information. It’s all about our Members

Directory members

Giving our members choice, allowing them to make informed decisions by choosing the trusted parties that are right for their journey, is really important to us. This is the main reason we created our exclusive Directory. It’s all about our Members.